INTEROP WEB X NERDZ : Farming , AIRTROPS and more.

What you can expect in the future?

-NFT AIRTROPS for holders of $NERDz and $TROP.
-Lucky Access to pre sales for staking/farming INTEROP.
-Dual Staking and Farming.
-Multiple Dual Vaults and Dual Staking Pairs for the future.


We will also do AIRTROPS where we will think about newcomers in the game. Meaning the bigger wallets get a smaller AIRTROP sometimes. Of course they will also get their share. For the bigger INTEROP Web participants we will offer special incentives too.


For our AIRTROPS program has already announced 70K $ in total value of AIRTROPS. For now, just stay focused and keep track of our moves.

How all this will exactly look and how our full AIRTROPS Community Support Program will look, will be revealed in time and in proper fashion.

For now, we are working hard on bringing you farming and staking on INTEROP Web ASAP.

We will update you when needed. Stay Tuned!

Sneak peek of our Farming MVP 1.0:

*If your project has what it takes to join our AIRTROPS Community program feel free to reach out, you know where to find us. Our community awaits your AIRTROPS.