Society has become survival of the fittest, fast-paced and the digital revolution aka the 4th industrial revolution has already started. Mankind is thriving technologically but not cultural/spiritual, the old system is failing us. We are missing a platform that represents our values & interests.

Why think in boxes? When our creativity & fantasy is endless. People are limitless, just like their interests, we want to build bridges between people & ideas.

From NFT’s, staking, farming to culture, art, fashion and music. Interop will be community-based and governed with revenue sharing as a key component of the platform.


  • Deflationary farming for TROP: similar to NERDz: users provide liquidity and stake LP tokens to earn TROP.
  • TROP farmers earn another type of reward: TRIP — the NFT governance token. Any user can redeem a TRIP token for NFT tokens. Only TRIP can be redeemed for NFTs.
  • TRIP supply increases depending on how much NFT art is produced by NFT artists.
  • For better UX, We develop a utility allowing anyone to use any token to buy NFTs: in the background, the token is sold for TRIP, then NFTs.
  • Why TRIP? NFT artists have limitless creativity, thus we need an unlimited supply token associated with it. TROP however will always be 86K max supply.
  • NFT artists can use TRIP to vote for the development of the whole ecosystem.


Friends and family sold out.
Private sale oversubscribed.
Public sale TBA.

23% Public | 19780 tokens
29% for Liquidity | 24.949 tokens | locked for 2 years
8% for Marketing | 6960 tokens | majority locked
9% for Dev | 7740 tokens | majority locked
5% for Community support program | 4300 tokens | majority locked
4% Team wallet | 3440 tokens | locked

Team lock schedule

Team total / 3440 tokens
2022 year 1 — release 10% | 344 tokens
2023 year 2 — release 20% | 30% in total | 688 tokens
2024 year 3 — release 20% | 50% in total | 688 tokens
2025 year 4 — release 25% | 75% in total | 860 tokens
2026 year 5 — release 25% | 100% in total | 860 tokens

Discount details other rounds

  • N3rdz bonus 2,5% | 30% n3rdz — 70% eth. If 30% n3rdz does not get filled it will be sold for Ethereum.
  • Unsold tokens will be distributed through a Dutch auction. Details about the Dutch Auction will follow.

Two snapshots will take place regarding the N3rdz community allocation for the public sale.

  • The first snapshot has been captured.
  • Second (Validation) snapshot on the date of the sale.
  • 2,5% bonus if you pay with N3rdz.
  • Allocation size will be decided after the 2nd snapshot.

Unsold tokens will be sold by a Dutch auction.



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