RAMP X INTEROP: What will we be working on?

For our to be launched NFT marketplace people will also be able to bid and buy using $RAMP and $RUSD as currency in INTEROP WEB.

For now we will first launch our staking and farming before even mentioning any other deadlines.

Our short term roadmap will be released after staking and farming are live!

What More?
Every month when we AIRTROP our NFT Art we will also randomly pick some RAMP holders. We will make sure this adress finds out about the fact something is waiting in there.


What you can expect in the future?

-NFT AIRTROPS for holders of $NERDz and $TROP.
-Lucky Access to pre sales for staking/farming INTEROP.
-Dual Staking and Farming.
-Multiple Dual Vaults and Dual Staking Pairs for the future.


We will also do AIRTROPS where we will think about newcomers in the game. Meaning the bigger wallets get a smaller AIRTROP sometimes. Of course they will also get their share. For the bigger INTEROP Web participants we will offer special incentives too.


For our AIRTROPS program has already announced 70K $ in total…

50% Unsold Tokens for Public Sale.
50% for Community Program: AIRTROPS

Thank you for all your amazing support during our sale! We have reached our Hardcap of approx 500K $.

Initial circulating supply

1720 /40% unlocked / Friends & family
7310 / 50% unlocked / Private sale
16980 / Public N3rdz + public sale
26010 TOTAL CIRCULATION SUPPLY (1730+7310+16980 unlocked private & public)

40630 inc. Marketing & dev
65570 inc. Liquidity
76110 inc. Team & Community program
86000 inc. Locked seed & Private

Total 86,000 $TROP / Initial circulating supply 26,010 $TROP

Last sold public pre-sale tokens 20$.
$520.200 …


We will offer staking in the near future and farming too.
Stakers and Farmers will receive 50% TROP and 50% TRIP in rewards. Details will follow later.

Fixed rates are applied for the sustainable growth of Interop.

INTEROP will be airdropping #NFT art and other stuff to stakers, farmers and holders every 4 weeks! Our #NFT Curators will make you get good pieces.

40% of the Art will be airdropped to the Stakers of Interop.

Our fixed staking rates and locks:

-25% APY with 25 days locked
-50% APY with 50 days locked
-75% APY with 75 days locked

This Pre-Sale is hosted by the N3RDz Incubator. There was a snapshot taken for the Farmers, Stakers, and Holders who get access to the Pre-sale. The second (validation) snapshot will be done prior to the sale!

All unsold tokens will be sold through a Dutch Auction. Unsold tokens are tokens that didn’t get bought during the sale because users didn’t fill their max allocation.

The Pre-Sale will be happening within 72 hours of posting this article!

Private Sale / 14620 Total Tokens / Strategic partners 7000 Tokens

5 Farmers / Total tokens 1500 / Allocation per Farmer 300 Tokens
26 Stakers

$10 $TROP Friends and Family Seed $41.667
$11 $TROP Private Sale $160.556
$15 $TROP Public Sale $297.778
$500.000 Hardcap
$250.000 Softcap

Total supply 86.000 / 250K Softcap Hardcap 500K. Initial plan: 750K.

Friends and Family Seed
5% friends & family seed / 4300 tokens
40% unlocked / 1720 tokens
60% locked / 2580 tokens — 25% released every quarter / 645 tokens per quarter

Private Sale

17% private sale / 14.620 tokens
50% no lock
50% locked / released in 5 months
After month 1: 30% / 2193 tokens
After month 2: 20% / 1462 tokens
After month 3: 20% / 1462 tokens
After month 4…

Allocations will be determined later on, first, Snapshot has finished.

Society has become survival of the fittest, fast-paced and the digital revolution aka the 4th industrial revolution has already started. Mankind is thriving technologically but not cultural/spiritual, the old system is failing us. We are missing a platform that represents our values & interests.

Why think in boxes? When our creativity & fantasy is endless. People are limitless, just like their interests, we want to build bridges between people & ideas.

From NFT’s, staking, farming to culture, art, fashion and music. …


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