RAMP X INTEROP: What will we be working on?

For our to be launched NFT marketplace people will also be able to bid and buy using $RAMP and $RUSD as currency in INTEROP WEB.

For now we will first launch our staking and farming before even mentioning any other deadlines.

50% Unsold Tokens for Public Sale.
50% for Community Program: AIRTROPS

Thank you for all your amazing support during our sale! We have reached our Hardcap of approx 500K $.

Initial circulating supply

1720 /40% unlocked / Friends & family
7310 / 50% unlocked / Private sale
16980 / Public N3rdz +…

This Pre-Sale is hosted by the N3RDz Incubator. There was a snapshot taken for the Farmers, Stakers, and Holders who get access to the Pre-sale. The second (validation) snapshot will be done prior to the sale!

All unsold tokens will be sold through a Dutch Auction. Unsold tokens are tokens…

$10 $TROP Friends and Family Seed $41.667
$11 $TROP Private Sale $160.556
$15 $TROP Public Sale $297.778
$500.000 Hardcap
$250.000 Softcap

Total supply 86.000 / 250K Softcap Hardcap 500K. Initial plan: 750K.

Friends and Family Seed
5% friends & family seed / 4300 tokens
40% unlocked / 1720 tokens
60% locked / 2580…

Allocations will be determined later on, first, Snapshot has finished.

Society has become survival of the fittest, fast-paced and the digital revolution aka the 4th industrial revolution has already started. Mankind is thriving technologically but not cultural/spiritual, the old system is failing us. …


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